Medium of Eidolon Falls: a paranormal drama series
Book cover of Soul Survivor by Isobel Lynx, featuring a pair of hands reaching out, creepy atmosphere

Paranormal is normal to the gifted few.

Ian isn’t your average eighteen-year-old, no matter how much he denies it. When reality is stranger than his imagination, you can’t blame him for attempting the impossible. 

A tale of vampire Lailoken: a supernatural fantasy
Vampires and hunters are like cats and dogs. They either tolerate each other, or they go for the throat. Rarely ever is there a third option.

The TriRealm Universe

An epic but also laid-back fantasy adventure with characters you’ll love and stories you won’t forget.

The TriRealm Trilogy
Teenage amnesiac with a demon tail and an exceptional runecasting skill must discover his identity before he’s caught by Merlin, the madman who experimented on him.
TriRealm Trilogy Volume 2

A half-angel’s reluctant journey to becoming an archangel.

TriRealm prequel

A tale of a winged demon that dreams of dragons and epic quests, thinking she’ll never see either of them until the day comes when her dragon love is put to the test.

TriRealm prequel novelette

Before anyone knew his name, Merlin was an ambitious young runecaster eager to use his new gadget.

No one knows how the Dragons angered Tiamat for none remain to tell this tale, but the legends say that Tiamat trapped the entire race in a powerful curse. To this day, treasures of the Cloud Empire stand unguarded while Dragons await the arrival of Spawn of Heliodor to save them from their fate.

— An excerpt from DragonSky

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