Soul Survivor is a deeply moving story about a young man grappling with his questionable reality. If ghosts are real, then he has an extraordinary gift. But if they aren’t… then he needs a different type of help.

Book cover of Soul Survivor by Isobel Lynx, a psychological drama paranormal novel, featuring a pair of delicate hands stretching upwards in a mildly creepy mood

In a quiet valley town, eighteen-year-old Ian lives with a secret. He can’t let anyone know that he sees things others don’t. They wouldn’t understand.

When a tragedy upends his life, Ian struggles to break out of his limbo of grief and his self-imposed isolation. He needs help to find his way out and feel normal again.

A date with a cute girl offers him a glimmer of hope, but letting her into his world is a risk. The closer she gets to him, the more she may notice that there’s more to Ian than meets the eye—more than even he’s aware of.

Placed on a backdrop of a picturesque small Adirondack town, this story blends a cozy and intimate read with a gut-wrenching psychological drama. Sprinkled with a healthy dose of speculative elements and a cute romance, this book is ready to stir up a range of your emotions.

A word from the author

Soul Survivor is a very special book to me and not just because it’s my debut novel. The story idea was born out of the the uneasy thought that if someone had a gift, saw what others didn’t, they could be easily mistaken for being delusional. If you can’t prove that what you see is real, how do you know that it is? Where is the line between having a gift and being mentally unstable? Who’s qualified to say it’s one way or another? Unless such a person finds a psychiatrist who’s also a psychic, they’re screwed.

For Ian Donovan, this question becomes even more involved because he isn’t a poster boy for perfect mental health either. So, regardless of whether you believe he can see ghosts or not, I think we can all agree that he could use help to work through his issues. Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against him. If he admits to seeing things, that could become the focal point of his therapy. And if he seeks the help of a believer, they could dismiss his mental wellbeing.

Both issues are tightly intertwined and are a sure recipe for a soul-gripping drama, which is what drew me to write this story. I love drama. It’s my favorite thing to write and read.

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