A skypunk high fantasy novella. Prequel to The TriRealm Trilogy.

What are wings for if not for flying with dragons in the realm where islands float in the sky?

The life of order and monotony is not enough for a winged demon like Ansgarde. When society rules suffocate her, she escapes to fantastic dreams of dragons and epic quests.

If only someone qualified took on the challenge to break the Dragon’s Curse, her dream would come true – she would share the sky with a dragon. After all, the prophecy says that a demon like her would free the ancient race. But no one takes the legend seriously.

No one but her.

Book cover of DragonSky - a high-fantasy novella
The book cover of DragonSky hand-drawn by Isobel

A few fun facts about DragonSky

1. This novella was written for a big Wattpad contest Open Novella Contest (2020). The rules of the contest were: Write and edit a brand new novella in the span of twelve weeks by using one of the seventy provided prompts. Over a thousand books were entered into the contest. As of writing this, Dragonsky has made it to the shortlist (73 books) and is still in the running. Fingers crossed that it makes it to the top.

2. DragonSky uses two of the contest prompts: one is about cursed dragons, the other is about islands floating in the sky. Don’t you think that these two prompts were made for each other?

3. Names of characters and places were largely inspired by gems and rocks.

4. The book cover was drawn by Isobel. It is a pencil drawing that was colorized in Krita app.

See their pride as they roam their kingdom...

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