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Blog series focused on
campfire writing app

App review, best practices, tips and tricks, and troubleshooting
from the point of view of a fellow writer and a user.

What is Campfire?

Campfire Write is an app meant for writers that need to organize and create quick reference guides of their projects.

By organizing notes within modules and folders and being able to link elements within the app, you may reduce the problem of redundant and conflicting project notes and improve your writing process. Is it the perfect app for you?

To answer this question, let’s dive deep into what this app has to offer. The following posts cover all Campfire content from tutorials and tricks to news about my own use of this app.

Campfire Explore is an online publishing platform unlike any other where writers may share with readers their manuscript or project notes. I’m a proud Campfire Explore author and here are my projects.

My published Campfire Explore projects

Here’s what you can find on this amazing platform. See also my Campfire profile page.