My debut novel is here

Book and tablet view of Soul Survivor

A reluctant psychic medium searching for meaning after a life-altering tragedy must confront the world of supernatural he’s long ignored.

I can’t wait to share this amazing story and the bonus content with you. 

Learn more about this book on Soul Survivor page 
and more about the series on Medium of Eidolon Falls series page.

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I'm Isobel, author of a number of stories you may read online.

My blog is a combination of a writer's advice column, project status updates, and a compendium of ungoogleable solutions to random technical problems.

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How I turned a marker drawing into an illustrated book cover art

I share my journey of transforming a marker drawing into polished book cover art. Artistic skills can be developed through persistence and editing. Join me as I discuss challenges I encountered and practical steps I took to produce a genre-appropriate book cover for my vampire romantasy, The Madman of the Woods.

Why I’m publishing my debut novel on Campfire

I describe my experience of publishing my debut book, Soul Survivor, on Campfire. Let's talk about creative control, a new way to enjoy reading, and the future of publishing.

Starting my word-to-audio journey

I plan to record my books and publish them as a narrative fiction podcast, but there's a long road ahead of me. Join me on this journey as I try to turn it into a reality.

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