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I'm Isobel, author of a number of stories you may read online.

My blog is a combination of a writer's advice column, project status updates, and a compendium of ungoogleable solutions to random technical problems.

Feel free to look around.


Starting my word-to-audio journey

I plan to record my books and publish them as a narrative fiction podcast, but there's a long road ahead of me. Join me on this journey as I try to turn it into a reality.

Quick hack to resize a WordPress GIF block

You finish writing your post and dress it up with the perfect GIF only to find that you can't control its unnatural size. This hack lets you resize your GIF in seconds.

2023 Writing Goal Tracker: Writing Smart

This year's writing goal is to become a smarter, more efficient writer. This post will be updated throughout the year as I make progress on my goal.

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