Medium of Eidolon Falls

Medium of Eidolon Falls is a series of novels by Isobel Lynx. These books sprinkle speculative elements on Isobel’s trademark emotional storytelling. 

The first installment of the series, Soul Survivor, is available to read in full on Campfire. Stay tuned for news of the book release in other formats.

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Soul Survivor

A reluctant psychic medium must confront the world of supernatural he’s long ignored.

Soul Survivor weaves the paranormal with a deeply personal psychological drama that cuts through to the heart of the human condition. It’s a haunting tale of love, self-discovery, and the resilience that emerges from the darkest moments.


Paranormal elements

For young Ian, things aren't always what they appear to everyone else.

Young romance

Love can heal or it may push them over the edge.

Grief and mental health

Hope empowers, but the only cure for grief is to grieve.

Paranormal is normal for the gifted few.

Soul Seekers

book 2

Book cover of Soul Seekers, a novella by Isobel Lynx featuring a young man and woman with a blackbird and a tree in the background. Simplistic illustration style.

👻 Who let the ghosts out? 👻

Ian thinks he’s getting the hang of his psychic powers, but a surprise encounter with another medium forces him to put his skills to the test in a friendly duel.

It’s all fun and games until the Grim Reaper gets involved. 

May the best medium win!

Psychic medium times two

What does a psychic duel even look like?


There's a thin line between admiration and envy

Wholesome fun

Enjoy the fun ride as Ian fails and succeeds in a series of medium challenges.

It's all fun and games until the Grim Reaper gets involved.

A few fun facts about this series

Initially, I wrote Soul Survivor for an annual Wattpad event 2021 Open Novella Contest (ONC) under the title Of Love and Death and Everything In-Between.

The rules of this contest are: Write and edit a brand new novella in the span of thirteen weeks by using one of the eighty provided prompts. It was my second time participating. Check out DragonSky – the result of ONC 2020

The novella did well in the contest, being chosen as Round 2 Ambassador Pick, and then making it to the Longlist, but it needed significantly more than thirteen weeks for me to craft it to its full potential. 

I wonder how it would have done in the contest if I had known back then how to end this story. Would it have won? Perhaps it’s better that it didn’t. I don’t know if I would have pushed myself as hard to fix the story if others had told me it was great as is.

The novella has evolved and expanded into a novel since then, but these two ONC prompts can still be found within the main story concept:

Main prompt

There is a terrible drought ravaging the land, but when the waters recede from the local lake/reservoir, they reveal something no one expected to find.

Secondary prompt

If only you knew you'd meet them, you'd have dressed a bit better. Especially since the only thing you can think of since you've seen their smile is 'Oh shit!'

Two more prompts were incorporated loosely:


Three childhood friends on vacation tell stories from their past while trapped inside one rainy day. As the stories become more and more convoluted, they realize there are things in their past they have been suppressing all this time.


You're never without your playlist, so much so that it dictates every aspect of your life.

To continue the tradition, I wrote the sequel, Soul Seekers, for ONC 2023, using the following prompts:

Main prompt

Accidentally stuck in a place between life and death, you open a door that allowed the dead into the world of the living. Now you and the grim reaper have to pull each of those souls back.

Secondary prompt

You finally build enough courage to talk to that cute someone you see every day on the bus. Their face turns dark as they respond, "You shouldn't be able to see me."

Soul Seekers did even better in the contest, making it to the Shortlist. Following the tradition, it didn’t win, but that’s okay. At this point, I no longer enter ONC to win. Rather, I like the results. The combination of writing prompts, a strict deadline, and a community involvement is a recipe for amazing stories. And I like the concise nature of novellas. Even if I later expand them into novels, it forces me to plan a small story scope, which later allows me to dive as deep into the character’s psyche as I want. And that’s where the magic happens.

Neither of the books is available on Wattpad anymore. Revised and expanded, they have both found their new home on Campfire, where the series will continue.