2024 Goal Tracker: It’s time to publish my books

2024 goal tracker. It’s time to publish my books. Collage of 7 books.

From the title, you can already see that I’m excited for this year because that finish line that I’ve been running toward for years is finally under my foot. It is time to cross over from the labyrinthine paths of writing into the kingdom of ✨published authors.

Every January, I set a writing goal for the year (check out my 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 goal trackers). I thought that this year I’ll shake things up. I’ll update this post throughout the year as I achieve (or abandon) the individual goals, but I may also create separate posts about the details of my progress (which I’ll link to here).

Let’s be realistic. I have ambitious plans and things don’t always work out the way I want them to. Life gets in the way rather always, but I think it’s important to see the big picture I’m striving for—shoot for the stars to land on the moon, and all that.

Without a further ado, here are my 2024 goals.

symmetrical pattern

Buahaha. Yes, it’s that simple, but this is a complex goal. It involves editing, prepping for a launch, publishing, marketing, etc. I’ll be wearing all the hats this year, but I’m excited because this has always been the goal.

Books I might publish in 2024:

Medium of Eidolon Falls Series

Who could have guessed that Medium of Eidolon Falls would be the first series I publish? I certainly wouldn’t have predicted that if you asked me a year ago, but when the time came, these books were the closest to being ready. I suppose it makes sense since they’re the most contemporary books I’ve written.

  1. Soul Survivor – this book is already published as an ebook + bonus content on Campfire. The next step is to publish it in print and offer ebook downloads on my website. And perhaps explore other platforms. I definitely want to achieve this goal in 2024. I am working on it already.
  2. Soul Crusher – this is a sidequel to Soul Survivor and a surprise project because I wasn’t planning on writing new books. I’m still in the drafting stage, but I hope to be finished and publish it on Campfire in 2024. I might publish it in print the same year too if all goes well.
  3. Soul Seekers – this is a sequel to Soul Survivor. It is drafted and is waiting for edits and a beta reader review. Publishing this book in 2024 should definitely be achievable.

From the 2 latter projects, Soul Seekers is closer to being ready, but I would love to publish Soul Crusher first. Ideally, it would be awesome to publish it together with Soul Survivor since these two books are each other’s sidequels—they share a timeline and most of the cast but tell different stories since they’re told from different point of views. They go together great, and I think that each is a unique entrance into this world. Soul Survivor is the paranormal psychological drama, while Soul Crusher is a women’s fiction. Take your pick which one you want to start with.

Can I publish at least two of the three books? I sure hope so, but it greatly depends on when I can finish writing Soul Crusher. In a worst case scenario, I’ll only publish Soul Survivor in print. I won’t hold it up too long.

The TriRealm Universe

This is an awesome science-fantasy series I’ve been working on for years. It is a complex story and an even more complex world, which is why I haven’t rushed it, but I am getting close to finally publishing it.

  1. The Merlin Paradox Trilogy.
    • Volume 1 is drafted already. After editing and getting beta readers, I could potentially publish it this year.
    • Volume 2 is drafted, but it’s unlikely that it will be published this year (but not impossible). I’m shooting it more for 2025.
    • Volume 3 is only started. A possible 2025 candidate if I can finish the draft on time.
  2. DragonSky – a prequel to the trilogy. It’s drafted in full, but I’d like to give it a thorough revision. It wasn’t my big priority, but I can see that there’s interest for it on Campfire, and I wonder if I should revisit this project sooner than planned.
  3. Various short stories/novellas set in this world. I might publish these with the trilogy as bonus reading or combine them into one book.

Knowing myself, it is very likely that I won’t be able to stick to just one project throughout the entire year. I’ve been working on the Medium of Eidolon Falls series for several months already, and I can feel my steam is slowly fizzing out. If that were to happen, I think it would be wise for that steam to be rekindled with The Merlin Paradox. It is such a wonderful story, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Did you forget something?

I did not forget my fanfiction. The thought of it is always there, haunting me because I have not updated it in over a year, and I feel like I’ve disappointed my readers. In an ideal world, I would also like to add it to this year’s goal, so, since we’re being ambitious, let’s put The New Order of Merlin Series on the list.

  1. Finish editing for The Gathering – this one is finished and published in full. Once upon a time, I undertook a challenge to edit this epic monster. I got about halfway through. Finishing the edit would feel like a great achievement to me, even if the readers don’t notice the change. But since no one is actually waiting for this edit, I won’t prioritize it.
  2. Edit and publish Cursed – I have a very rough draft written, which readers have been waiting two years for already. It’s rough, as in, some scenes are missing, which is why I haven’t published it yet. I really need to get a move on and finish it to get it off my to-do list.

I would love to get this series over with not only to satisfy the fans (who are slowly forgetting that they once liked this series), but mostly for myself, so I no longer have this unfinished series hanging over my head.

Alright. I’ve got my work cut out for me. This list should keep me occupied for the entire year. It’s going to be an interesting year. I’m starting out with 7 goals related to Medium of Eidolon Falls Series. I’ll add to this list as the year goes on. We’ll see how much I can get through.

Yearly goals update on 3/15/2024

I added Goal 0 to the list as I wrote a new book. Oops…

I’m also adding an audiobook goal to Soul Survivor project. Since Campfire is gearing up to release their audiobook feature this year, I would like to at least get started with it this year and perhaps publish a few chapters for test.

2024 Goal Tracker:

Goal 0: Finish and edit The Madman of the Woods


Starting status: Not started

Update: I wasn’t planning on writing a new book this year but that’s exactly what I did. Open Novella Contest came about, and I felt inspired to join in.

Status as of March 15th: Draft written in full and published on Wattpad and Campfire (free). I still need to edit it, and would love to get some feedback on it before I plan the next publishing steps.

Goal 1: Finish line editing of Soul Survivor


Starting status: Incorporating editor’s suggestions is 80% completed.

Status as of March 15th: Editor’s suggestion pass is completed. Now I only need the last pass to ensure that while line editing, I didn’t mess anything up. I expected I’d be done with it earlier, but Goal 0 got in the way and pushed my plans further back.

Next step: Read a printed copy, then listen and make notes. Incorporate notes for the final edit.

Goal 2: Create a marketing strategy for the launch of Soul Survivor


Starting status: I’ve started gathering information about pricing and comparable titles.

Next up: start preparing marketing materials and develop a marketing plan for the launch.

Goal 3: Create a new book cover for Soul Survivor


Starting status: I have a design concept in mind already. I’ve started drawing the pieces of the artwork I’ll need. Check out the progress on this Threads post and follow me to get the updates.

Goal 4: Publish Soul Survivor on multiple platforms


Starting status: It’s published on Campfire.

Next to do: After goals 1-3 are completed, publish the ebook on my website and on other platforms.

I might hold up with the print version until Soul Crusher is ready – that’s to be determined. If Soul Crusher isn’t ready by September, I’ll publish Soul Survivor alone.

Goal 5: Market Soul Survivor


Starting status: Barely started.

I put up a couple of posts on social media and talked to people about it in person, but haven’t done any targeted advertising yet. I’ll get more aggressive with it as I’m getting closer to the launch (goal 4).

Goal 6: Get started with the audiobook of Soul Survivor


Starting status: I’ve practiced reading this book in the past but all will have to be redone from scratch.

Goal 7: Finish the draft of Soul Crusher


Starting status: about 30% is written (20k words).

Goal 8: 1st edit of Soul Seekers


Starting status: Not started.

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