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Did you download a spiffy new font but can’t find it Pages®? You’re not going crazy. It’s a well-known issue. Here’s a quick solution to your problem.

How it’s supposed to work

Pages is a MacOs word processor application that comes built-in with many Mac devices. Whenever you want to use a different font in Pages, you download it, install it, and normally, it is immediately visible on the available Font list within the Pages Format panel on the right. This panel provides quick access to change the font type, size, style, color, add shadows, and other cool features.

Format Text panel in Pages
Pages Format panel

Why can’t I see the new font in Pages?

Sometimes a detail is missing from the font file, which prevents it from being displayed. Fret not, you can still use your new font. Here’s how to do it in just two simple steps.

How to find the missing font

For example, I downloaded Medieval font, but in my Pages document it does not appear on the Font list in the alphabetical order like expected.

List of fonts: MB demonic tale, Menlo, Merienda
Medieval font is not on the list

Step 1. With your Pages document open, from the upper menu, choose Format -> Font -> Show Fonts.

Pages menu
Find Show Fonts in the menu

You will get a Fonts window. This list includes all fonts installed on your Mac, even the ones that didn’t previously show in Pages.

In my example, notice how the two Medieval fonts are listed in this window right before the Menlo font.

All installed fonts are visible in the Fonts window

Step 2. Select the text and click on the font you want to use.

Selecting the font in the Fonts window

And that’s it.

You’ll find that this font will now be accessible in the right panel, even when you close the Fonts window.

Medieval font is now on the list

This fix is unfortunately only temporary. The font will show up in the document where you used it. When you save the document and reopen it, it will still be there. But you will have to repeat the process to find this font in other documents.

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  1. pete

    Thanks for this VERY helpful tip! I thought I’m crazy because installed fonts don’t show up in Pages. What does Apple think to force us to use this word arounds?

    1. Isobel Lynx

      It is unfortunate but I’m glad that there is some way to work around the issue than none at all.

  2. kOoLiNuS

    In the meanwhile did you find a permanent fix for this?

    1. Isobel Lynx

      Hi. No. Not yet.
      It does suck because it’s easy to forget what fonts you have installed. At least the fonts window can serve as a refresher.

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